Crane Concept is going to enter sustainable entrepreneurship (CSR)

Crane Concept is currently active in the sales and rental service of mobile cranes and tracked excavators.

These machines are used and are sold on a global scale and are installed with a heavy diesel engine. In addition the cranes are shipped on vessels with polluting diesel engines, which emit a lot of CO2 gasses. In our current business operations, we fly and drive a lot to complete our tasks. With this we can conclude that the current business environment is not very sustainable.

We cannot change the circumstances revolving around the diesel engines in the cranes. However, we can influence the choice of shipping companies when picking their vessels, and we can adjust our travelling situation.

Crane Lease (Crane Concept) has developed the following sustainable entrepreneurship programme:

  • Crane Concept will promote the sales of cranes holding engines of Type 4.
  • Crane Concept will only purchase cranes with a bottom requirement of 3d engines, for rental purposes
  • With every crane sold, which is holding a lower type of engine than Type 4, a tree will be planted in Spijkenisse, the Netherlands.
  • With every 10.000 driven and flown kilometres, there will be the equivalent of 1 tree planted.
  • Shipping companies will be selected with sustainable requirements.
  • Within 5 years, Crane Concept wants to be fully self-sufficient with regards to electricity and rainwater shall be reused.
  • The total amounts of flights will be limited and there will be invested in conference calls as an alternative solution.

The managing board of Crane Concept and the municipality of Nissewaard came to an agreement with a tree-exchange programme. This will adequately reflect onto the planting of approximately 50 trees per year. The municipality of Nissewaard needs to grub and replant in various neighbourhoods in the city of Nissewaard, for the upcoming period. Crane Concept will make this possible through bearing the costs of the trees through, by providing the financial resources. Through this method, Crane Concept is able to to provide assistance in reducing environmental harm, give something back to society and improve our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


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