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Crane Concept BV is the green crane rental company in the Netherlands.


All our cranes from our rental fleet have at least Tier 4 engines and there is a JMG full electric crane on order and a Liebherr MK 88 electrically operated mobile tower crane.


In more and more countries it is becoming more difficult to export cranes to it due to emission requirements. Cranes without Tier 4 engines are not allowed there to import. The expectation is that this will apply to several countries and it will become increasingly difficult to export older cranes. If we want to make a joint contribution to CO2 reduction, we must also look across borders and not allow these cranes to be used in developing countries



Crane Concept has developed the CraneCircle ©  program to give used cranes with a EUR 3 engine or lower a different application than being a crane.

The steel of the crane can be reused in various ways in structural and civil applications. Think of steel structures in a building or a beam of a bridge. A lift can even be constructed with the lifting cylinder of the crane boom.

Multiple applications for the undercarriage are possible, for example, for making SPMTs (Self Propelled Modular Transporter).


The most futuristic example is the use of a mobile windmill. With this way the construction site with a 1 MW windmill could be self-sufficient. With this innovation, nitrogen reductions are achieved immediately and permits are issued faster. Also used windmills in this way that have to be replaced by larger windmills get a second life a win-win situation.


If we can remove 20 cranes from the market in this way, this will result in an annual CO2 reduction of 1850 tonnes !!!


Crane Concept cannot realize this development alone and is therefore looking for strategic partners who want to participate. Both in the field of knowledge, machines and finance. We are also looking for contractors and clients (central government) to implement these applications in their urban plans.


Aroused your interest?

Send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible. In the future, the building site might look like the one below.



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